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Work Continues at Handel Mansions

May 22, 2018

Instia operatives are still busy at work at Handel Mansions, University of London. These halls of residence will provide high quality housing to  around  70 predominantly postgraduate students, to include 2, 3 or 4 bedroom flats and accompanying catering facilities. With the project at 50% completion, we are progressing well and looking forward to a project completion mid August '18. 

Job Completion at Les Salons

February 28, 2018

Work has been completed at 'Les Salons' as part of the Institut Francais based in Central London (WC1B). The Institut Francais is a French organisation with the aim of promoting french culture across the world. Les Salons consists of high end meeting and commercial space for use of all in the community. This project allowed us to show how well we can perform within the high end market.

Progress at Sutton Hospital

May 04, 2018

Work is progressing very nicely at Sutton Hospital. This job is the conversion of an old disused hospital building into a bright, new school building within the London Borough of Sutton. This project will be adding valuable school places around the Borough. We look forward to an update very soon.

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